Intake Forms & Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations 

Prior to scheduling an appointment on the Platform, Users may contact you via the Platform’s messaging portal to request a complimentary 15-minute initial consultation. As a Therapist on our Platform, you agree to honor any reasonable User request for a complimentary initial consultation of up to 15-minutes each. 

Please note that initial consultations should not be scheduled using the Platform’s main appointment scheduling functionality, as this will result in a full-session charge to the User and/or their employer, as applicable. Instead, please communicate with the User through the Platform’s secure messaging portal to arrange an initial consultation outside of the Platform (typically by phone). 

Client Intake Forms 

We encourage you to complete all intake practices that are standard for your therapy practice when onboarding Users from our Platform. Therapists may share and collect any relevant intake forms or links with Users through the Platform’s secure messaging portal.