Video Platform & Telehealth Software

Therapists on Samata Health's platform must use their own telehealth software to conduct telehealth sessions. There is a functionality on the Samata Health platform to securely send messages to clients, however this is not a space to conduct therapy via messaging. These HIPPA compliant, secure messages are a way for clinicians to easily communicate with the clients about logistics and odds and ends related to treatment that may need to be communicated outside of session.

At this time, Samata Health does not offer teletherapy software for sessions scheduled on our Platform. If you wish to provide Therapy Sessions to Users by phone or video (a “Teletherapy Session”), you must have a secure method of doing so that complies with industry best practices, your professional obligations and any and all applicable laws and regulations.

If a User requests a Teletherapy Session with you through the Platform, it is your responsibility to communicate with that User through the Platform’s secure messaging portal with any necessary details on accessing the Teletherapy Session. Each User appointment request on the Platform will indicate whether the User has requested a Teletherapy Session or in-person Therapy Session, and at which location (if applicable).